Bot doesn't work at this silkroad skills didn't appear

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Use the testing release.

i did now same problem

You must have selected the wrong type then.

I try all type this private server name creddysro

Did you try 1.188? That’s 90% of servers.

yes sir not working too I got massege at game when logging Dr3 sbot detected u can use only for alchemy

oh woow thanks for ignor my problem but I want bot without problems and I didn’t find

Which one specifically? I tested and the type you need to use there is Black Rogue.

i tlak about reporn .that another server

please help!!

Server type is thSRO. I haven’t looked into how they are detecting bots. Do you really need to bot on a PVP server?

yes thThSro is working skills appear but bot didn’t do anything but when I type start bot …bot do nothing
please help me at this that thSro is appear skills and every thing but when start bot you will get nothing

please help a lot of players ask for this game bot

Ryde please help I waited!! I really first time fell bad with phbot

wt…f am user phbot and I pay money for good bot maybe I can get little support

It’s not something I can instantly fix. What do you need a bot for on a PVP server?

pvp server but maybe server have mopes and events zerk and treda … all this need bot

all server user keypresser and some program so I tested phbot and I will test another if u can’t resolve thanks <.<.>