Bot doesn't buy horse?

Hi guys,

I’m brand new to phbot but i’ve been making sure to look tutorial, youtube and forum before posting any dumb topic.

Here is the thing :

  • In “Town”, I put what I wanted the bot to buy (potions, horse, recovery kits etc…).

I did the script myself because there is a special teleport to jg cave on Silkroad Royale (Babel) to go straight to b4.

And it seems that my bot is not buying horse and goes walking to the training place.

  • he uses invisibility to go there which make it even slower. (I think the feature is cool and might be useful but make it so we can tick or untick it)

Thanks !

It will buy the horse if your town script goes to the NPC that has it.

It shouldn’t be using “Invisible” unless you added it as a script buff.

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