Bot Crashes when Petrify in Jupiter Temple 111/113

When I join Jupiter Temple lvl 111 or lvl 113 and The Earth petrifys at about 1/4 hp, the Bot Dcs or crashes. I do not exactly know what happens. Since the bot is instantly gone and I cannot see any reason of disconnecting or something like that. Is this a known issue? Some days ago (I think before bot update) it worked.

I am running latest Testing release.

Thanks in advance, EvilCrump

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I need to know the version.

running v21.6.9 atm

I’d have to test that with your exact configuration in order to find the problem.

So you need the json file?

I’d have to borrow everything including your account.

Hmm I think Ima trying a clean phbot profile with auto config then. And I am going to try with other chars aswell. Maybe I can figure out and report what the Problem is.

I’ve had this problem too many times
We visit Jupiter Temple very often with friends
When we attack to uniques, our clients sometimes crushes

Client crash may dependent on unique skills of the unique monsters,
As summoning Heavenly Gods by 120 Lv Jupiter Unique,
As summoning Babilion Clon monsters by 120 Lv Babilion Unique

I was noticed clients crushed uncertain times (not always) when these appears.

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If it’s a client crash I can’t do much about it.

I just started a new profile and it worked fine. Used auto configure for chn bicheon, force full int and got no dc at any point of jupiter temple.

I also tested with another auto leveling tool for SRO (hope you all know which one I mean, not gonna say name here) and got no disconnect, so it has something to do with any setting somewhere in the bot.

@Ryan Client crash would not result in an instantly closed phbot, would it?

No, client crashes do not affect the bot.

Edit: Try to differentiate from “disconnecting” and “crashing” and “client crashing”. They’re all different things. Crash = program closed unexpectedly. Disconnect = disconnected from the server.

For me it is Crash of Bot I think.
I had the bot on second Screen and the second, my client disappeared, the bot disappeared aswell. Without any warning or message like “not reacting bla bla bla”.

While you were botting or was it stopped and you were using the client?

While using client (with Plat VIP Buff ingame attacking).

Basically I’d have to use your account and configs to figure out the problem. There’s no way for me to fix that without doing so.

Since it just works with a new config, I’m trying to set it up setting for setting to my normal bot-Config and post it in forum when I find the reason for the disconnects :slight_smile:

Again, disconnect is not the same thing as a crash. If the bot crashes there’s a bug somewhere. Also, it’s unlikely there is something wrong with your config if it’s crashing while the bot is stopped.

Same thing happens when Sereness unique petrifies characters who are in tracing mode or already have their bots started, characters in question only use Healing orbit, Dances, Mana orbit etc…

I am pretty sure it is caused by bot because - in that instant - if i am able to stop bot/tracing mode, characters do not get disconnected.

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OK this crap took way too long for me to figure out how to test it. This is the same issue as FGW where monsters cast Petrify on you. It will be fixed in the next version.