Block packets?

Hi I tried to parse Packet single spawn(3015) and group spawn(3019) but it seems like that they are blocked.

Did you block them on purpose?

Yes they’re blocked.


  1. Why is it blocked ?
  2. Will it stayed blocked?

They’re large packets that don’t need to be processed.

Did you block more packets like that? Like 7074 for skill attack?

Just 7074.

I think u blocked it to avoid letting people to attack other players using phbot? :smiley:

is it possible to map UniqueIDs to Player names without 3015 or 3019?

Anyone knows, if the packets 3015 or 3019 contain the information about spawned dimension pillars?
I´m asking, since I am trying to find the information about them since quite a while. But it would make sense, that all my tests failed so far, if the packets are just not available :smiley:

Almost everything is there. It should be considered as teleport/building (tid1 = 4).
Try to check npc’s from API.

Wow, that´s smart :smiley:
I´ll give it a try right away.

Well, I checked and is at get_npcs() but is actually considered an item model, which is weird.


From spawn packets, you’ll find it normally as :

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Yea, just figured out the same:
[13:46:28] Name: Servername: Model: 35890

And now I am receiving the ID :slight_smile:
[13:47:37] b’\xe8\x9d\x13\x02’
Tyvm, helped me a lot.

So, in my case I was able to port now.

Do you know if the model is a static value, or does it change if I use an other dimension pillar after a few hours?

And sorry for crashing this thread, seems like this was kind of off-topic.

A server update can change it, or can change between silkroad servers.

Like “Why X scroll doesn’t work at Y server” because they change his ID or ServerName which is linked to the skill information.

You should consider you can find other dimensional not yours, they has an owner (The previous images are showing other player dimensional actually)