Bleesing spell issue

I just tried to use the bleesing spell skill with multi chars

3 wizz 1 warlock 1 cleric ( healer )

the issue that i am facing … all the chars try to use the bleesing spell at the same time !
same exact time …

so just 1 char will use the skill

the rest will be useless …

In addition, the skill will start cooldown… so i cant use it again until… it will be ready with the same chars again xD

is there any soultion ?

Another Question, Also

i am not familiar with Condition part… but i want my wizz to use holy spell + Holy Recover Division when my cleric in the town what I did

if (Player not in range == iHeal){ Cast(recast) ( Holy Recovery Division ); }
if (Player not in range == iHeal){ Cast(recast) ( Holy Spell ); }

what happening is ( the char keep spam using Holy spell & Holy Recovery Division whenever the cooldown is end.

is there any solution ?

Go under Attack → Buffs and set the Buffs in Player Not Nearby

i think you should decrease level of bless. like 3>2>1 so chars cant cast in same time

i think it can be fixed coz i tried many bots in the past and they were not casting at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt understand can u explain what that menu will do ?