BindIP NotWork -.-

im trying to bypass hwid limit for the private server

i created 2 folder of phbot *
both of then has diffrent local ip *
im using proxy with one of them*
one with proxy doesnt works :confused:

Bir sunucuda dll kullan─▒yorsunuz. phBot ile di─čer ├žarlar─▒m─▒ a├žam─▒yorsunuz. Sorununuzu tam anlayamad─▒m.

yok ├Âyle de─čil 1 wifi birde kablolu olacak ┼čekilde 2 ba─člant─▒ var pc de ve iki farkl─▒ local ip ile iki farkl─▒ phbot klas├Âr├╝ mevcut. Oynad─▒─č─▒m sunucunun hwid limitini a┼čmak i├žin birinde proxy ile 118 le biten local ip kulland─▒rs─▒n di─čerinde 234 olanda ba─član─▒p bu ┼čekilde hwid limitini a┼čmak istiyorum.

can u help for my problem ?

@Ryan ???

You cannot bypass a HWID limit by changing the IP address the bot binds to.

server ip limit 4 pc limit 2
1->I have 2 computers and a laptop
2->I open a total of 4 characters from 2 computers
3-> with proxy i can login 2 char from laptop
when i turn off the laptop and turn on the bot on the computer via proxy i get dc and after my proxy is banned
can u add a new feature and get it over for the private server?

but can we bypass IP limit by binding IP?

Only if you have multiple public IP addresses or are able to use a VPN.

Multiple like what? i saw his screenshot it looks like my router gateway, like from to for example, is that what u mean?

You donÔÇÖt have multiple IPs.

Two different interfaces has two different mav addresses isnt it enough?