Baghdad dungeon

can phbot do that dungeon?
like from base(buying items)
to taking dungeon quest
to entering dungeon
to killing all mobs
to leaving and entering again
& to exchange/re-take a Quest if its completed…


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why didnt it show up?

also i see some say latest xAutoDungeon is v0.4.1?
where do i get the latest one?
where does this get updated?

nvm was an old version

does it deliver completed quests? & re-take?
or do i set that in the “Quest” section in phbot?
& should i add return scroll at the end of the script so the char can buy items?
this is my first time on baghdad dungeon
is it unlimited repeat?
or like jupiter Only 3~5 times a day?
and i did run the baghdad dungeon once …
i see not all passage opened
do i need to be high at certain lvl to have the whole dungeon opened? im Lv 123

ur script dont work or something
im on palmyra server … does server matter?
also screenshot for ur autodungeon settings


best range to be set?