Avast catch phbot.exe

hello, at first everything was very good, today, when i try to open phbot avast keeps telling me that phbot.exe infected by win32 malware,
i checked online and the result was avast-undetected,
i get more confuse, and i did scan my pc with AVAST-BOOT-TIME-SCAN, to make sure that my pc is clean,
then i re-download the phbot again but unfortunately i get the same error and avast keeps moving the phbot.exe to VIRUS-CHEST,
i don’t know what’s happen, i really need any explain and what should i do,
and the most important question is { is phbot safe } ??
thanks anyway for your patience.

It’s a false positive.

i got the same issue but i de-activated the avast because there is noway to work together!!

do you think should i put it into the avast exception Ryan ??

Yes, did you try it?

MidoBasha i’m thinking to add the phbot.exe to exception !

Ryan yes and work fine but i just was worried ! i wanted to make sure it’s safe