Auto Trivia Plugin

Trivia Plugin was working when notice chat ask the questions, Now since the GM changed the way of that question comes from, the plugin didn’t recognize the questions any more. to be clear this the old way the question comes from notice
OLD WAY-37-58_21
and this the new way
and to be more clear I need to know what is the type of this chat then I can write it in this function

______________________________ Events ______________________________

#Number 4 refers to Party chat
#Number 5 refers to Guild Chat
#Number 7 refers to Notice chat
#Number 1 refers to All Chat

All chat messages received are sent to this function

def handle_chat(t,player,msg):

if isJoined():	
    if lstLeaders_exist(inGame['name']):
        if t == 7:
            # if 'gift' in msg:
            #     sendMsgKotsh(10, 'gift')
            # if msg.startswith("write") and msg.startswith('gift') or "write".lower() in msg.lower() and "gift".lower() in msg.lower():
            #     sendMsgKotsh(3,"gift")
            if msg.startswith(' gift') or  " gift".lower() in msg.lower():
            if msg.startswith("Where Unique Tiger Girl Appear?") or "Where Unique Tiger Girl Appear?".lower() in msg.lower():
                sendMsgKotsh(3,"Tiger Mountain")
            if msg.startswith(" has appeard") or " has killed".lower() in msg.lower():

You’ll likely have to read it from the packets not handle_chat

Could you make it for me cuz I’m not a python programmer?

I can’t without the packet

How can I get it with packet tool and choose to show what client or server?

You chose show server packets. I don’t know what the opcode will be, it could be something custom so you’ll have to just watch for whatever packet comes in when you get the notice. Go to somewhere alone to make it easier