Auto Quest / Auto Path

Do they work together? If not can we get a function to add a script command for example to autowalk(x,y,z) after the npc script?

What would this be used for? It would require you to make a script in order to use a command like that.

Yea my main question is if Auto walk works with NPC’s, calculates which path to take to a certain NPC, knows which one to deliver and where.
If it does not, me the player would have to make a script in town to deliver them, but i would have to make a separate script to the training place which is unnecessary if the bot has auto walk. So this would be used after the quest delivery script where you would walk back to your starting point of the town script and it would calculate the shortest path to walk to the training place.

TLDR; after quest delivery script, autowalk to training place

It already does that. Path finding is used for quests if you do not set a script for them then path finding is used again for the training area if the script is not set.

When does it start, is there a guide to set it up or do i just enable it?

You only need to enable it.

Thanks man, gladly appreciate it :heart:. Before you close the thread, does he go to town and take quests as well? or does he only deliver them

I think you should use “she” for phbot :innocent:

Yes it can do that.

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Another use i’ve found recently is, most private servers run custom teleporters. Cronos has currently clones of Samarakand and Constantinople in Donwhang. In this case, after using the teleport(script in dw) he would autowalk to the training place.

Path finding isn’t possible because the server doesn’t know about those teleporters. Only the iSRO ones are supported.

Ignore this message, i’ve figured it out. Ryan you genius. I f*in love your masterpiece.