Auto Alchemy with Phbot problem!

Hello !
I have used Phbot to make auto plus with it on a private server called Creddy Online , this server have the option to buy immortal stones with gold so in my inventory i have many immortal stones , once upon a time within the auto alchemy’s working and making plus the phbot didn’t add immortal stones !!! and my item got destroyed , what the hell is that !, phbot was working fine and was adding immortal stones normally this happened suddenly , I’m paying money to this happens or what ? please i need help.

It will only add immortal / astral / steady at the exact plus you set. If you run out of them and it reaches that plus again it will stop and remove the item from the queue.

When i choose the plus i set it to +0 , but sometimes its go crazy and not put anything and destroy my item !

0 means disabled so it’s not going to add immortal at any plus.

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LOL ! :smiley: , Thanks

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