Auto alchemy prb

Hi i have a prb with the auto alchemy in one private csro black rouge its keep saying not have elixires but the prb its there alchemy its same as isro with magic profs and new elixires not like in vsro. Me have elixires and profs but the bot don see them i was teleported in game and still notjing. When i was create the data base i was select Black Rouge.

Did you select the degree?

ohh i think i was miss that , but i dont was see such a this option can u upload a picture with what u saying?

Where it says “Auto”.


that " Auto " its was for deggre iteme? i was think its was for deggre of lucky powder.

It used for anything that requires a degree.

ok thx

Hey sry i ask agine about this prb. But last time i was dont have time to test if will work what u saying me to do , but now i was test and i get same prb , i was select 13 dg but evrey time after i press START the iteme its get remopved from right box
and keep saying no elixires

try too teleport after put all elixir and item on your inventory and try again maybe it will help you

i teleported and still not work, the bot keep saying no elixirs

Did you try the previous degree as well? Sometimes the degree you see in game is different.