Aren't I allowed to use phBot on 3 pcs ? I can only use it on 2 pcs

I tought i am allowed to use phBot on 3 different computers.
But when i try to log in on the third computer, it fails. Shows an error msg saying you’ve reached your HWID limit.
Is it 2 computers at the same time or three ?
Thank you in advance

You can but if any of the HWIDs change then you can’t.

When HWIDs change?
After you format your computer, right?
I didn’t do such thing but still i can’t enter on the third computer

If you change your network devices it will change the HWID.

Hmm, thanks a lot, i didn’t know that.
But i didn’t change my network devices either, still confused :frowning:

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It can still randomly change but that’s rare.

Hmm, i hope it doesn’t change again.
I have 2 laptops and one computer, right now i can only use my laptops, i need to enter FGW :frowning:

It could be the case where your wired and wireless network cards have different mac addresses(they almost always have) and if you use the same computer via wired and wireless, it could register both HWIDs. @Ryan?

… just yes :smiley: