Alot of DC in new testing version of ISRO

Getting this alot of DC after botting for a while with this error

[20:04:30] Socket address not available error

How can i fix it?

There’s no difference. You can’t stop disconnects since either your internet has issues or the server disconnected you.

Never had this error before tho, only since i updated to 23.1.5 what does this error mean?

You can revert and I’m sure you will still disconnect. I don’t think it’s the bot.

look at our proxy if they have helper online ask for check you’r ip

I always say please don’t use proxy. :slight_smile: Also even proxy works great, game disconnects you to make empty slot for VIP players. :slight_smile:

Please don’t abuse bot and don’t fill game with unnecessary amounts of characters.

I dont use proxy tho :stuck_out_tongue:

No proxy should be more stable

Check your connection