All characters disconnect at the same time

Hello guys,

I’ve been using phbot for about 1 month. I open 2 charecters on the Manager and during the day, 2 chars are disconnect from the server at the same time. Not separately, always at the same time.

Could it be due to a setting on the Manager?
My manager settings was / options / “login all accounts at once” selected.
Can you help for the DC problem at the same time?

i don’t have any Internet problem.
I always use phbot up to date.

Server: Assos

Thx for info.

if its isro … max login try’s at same time = 2x…

maybe this settings could help:

ahh okay, i’m testing now and i will inform you.

if that keeps problems still coming
then inform the developer
not me xD

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okay, the problem continues.
i can you help me @Ryan

check “disconnect every”

or log in without bot and see if you get dc, just to see if it’s the server.

not marked “disconnect every” field.
And no problem without phbot.

You wrote that I have no internet problem. Maybe there is a chance to try it. Reset the modem, delete phbot, install it again.

Could be an issue with your ISP. Reset your modem and see how it goes for a while

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