Alchemy + not working can u fix this?

Everything is fine but bot cannot find elixirs (13Degree Enhancers&Proof Stone) idk why can you help? Here the screenshot. Its Csro-R Server btw. (ver 1.181)

Try the previous degree. It’s possible they aren’t matching up in the text files.

I did try with every single degree on phbot 1 to 20 and all not working. How i can solve this … ?

? @Ryan

I’m not sure if those are supported. I never added them because the success rate is so poor it wasn’t worth adding. So, only elixirs are supported.

Ah come onnnnnnnnn @Ryan

how ppl plussing on isro then they using same elixirs ? there should be a way solve this … @Ryan

I don’t ever remember adding those elixirs because they are basically pay to win.

I checked and it does not look like there is support for enhancers / proof stones. Like I said before, they are basically pay to win on iSRO so I never added support for them. All normal elixirs are supported though.