Again Manager Login Problem

On Friday i installed my System new and installed the latest Manager.
I noticed that the Chars didn‘t Login with it. They get a disconnect when the queue is under 50.

Now i Login without Manager and has no Problems.
Anyone got this Problems too?
I already Checked the Manager Option „Not in Game“. It was on 0. I changed it to 660 or 1440 and the Problems are same

wich vertion of manager you use ?
i use 1.7.8 and i see some of my char same as you describe
or maybe server issue ?

I used 1.7.9
When it´s a server issue why it work without Manager?

I downloaded now an old version (1.7.6) and it seems to work

i will try thx for this infos =)
well working

@ryan can you look at the last manager version
char stay in loop on qeud list and dc then re loop on queud list with the verstion after 1.7.6
i dont get this issue with 1.7.6 but with 1.7.7 /1.7.8 /1.7.9 getting loop and dc in queud list
i will stay with this one =)

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As far as I know I haven’t been changing anything in the Manager besides adding a couple things like using reverse.

yea i saw this too in the Release Notes. But I play now with Version 1.7.6 and didn´t get any dc in the que

I doubt something changed in the Manager that could cause that.

From 1.7.4 to 1.7.6 all that changed was adding new servers. It is very unlikely it is the Manager.

The Problem isn´t in 1.7.6
I have the Problems with 1.7.9 and jaya with 1.7.8

But no Problem. I Stay at Version 1.7.6

manager 1.7.9 verison always when working dc dc dc

manager 1.7.9 after disconnect dont start manager again to log in pls fix it

I have no problems with it logging them in. It never restarts unless the bot disconnects.

Is it possible there is a giant delay between you connecting to the agent server and actually being connected to it? That delay may cause the Manager to kill the bot and restart it.

Edit: Actually I don’t think that’s possible since if it were connect after a few seconds it would reset the timer and go back to waiting for it to get in game.