After 24H From test the new Release

1- No DC like old one 18 acc In 1 manager 15 Open That very very good
2- bot have Problem with selling Nova iTems i make all nova sell bot dosen’t sell
3- bot is very very good in Go Client no stuck no dc work perfect
4- party options need more Edit because i give this version to my friend and he asked me the same question, i choose stop party buff if player nearby and bot don’t buff

i want when i choose start party puff if player nearby bot buffs only if the player nearby if not no buffs

if i choose stop party puff if player nearby bot buffs if he not nearby only if he nearby start puff i hope you understand me

finally this version is the best for dc and go client @Ryan

  1. Cool. I still think it’s Joymax and RNG.
  2. Since it is a rare item there is an option you must toggle to enable selling.
  3. GFXFileManager is still broken and Joymax hasn’t fixed it yet.
  4. It should work correctly in the next version.

where is this option ?

Pick Filter → Options


but bot will deny primary and secondary weapons ?

It will not sell those. I would manually set them on the inventory tab just to be safe.

thx alot, when you will release ?

When I feel it’s ready.

:smiley: :smiley: oki

till now staller no dc
[03:14:40] Bot stopped. Botting time [2994 minutes]