Admin drop not work

selam admin
drop item in ur bot not work :frowning:

You have to start the bot.

bot is start its in townloop

Which item are you trying to drop? Item dropping is done right when you start the bot.

my phbot in 21.6.7 same never drop items in town only after reach the training spot bot start dropping
drop in town only work after press stop start in bot window

I’ve confirmed it is executing the function to drop items when you are in town.

i drop item lucky event
yes i press stop bot and start bot dropping work
but dropping not work automatic after bot back town and get new item
admin how we can fix it ?
i have to press stop bot and start bot every single time bot back town?
i full redownload bot and make new setting bot and item not get drop in town

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It only drops items every 5s. I could remove that but I’m pretty sure it’s there for a reason.

what about my solution in other post for add “drop” in script commands
so everyone can decide when bot drop item to drop in town
this will fix problem easy

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You can write your own mini Plugin to drop it. But you have define the Items separatly

the same problem drop not work

Or I could make it drop items after town quests because that’s the only time it is being used.

maybe drop must be same like Combining couse this works fine
i remember in old bot version 15.x.x drop was working just fine


yes for me same conbiming work every time like fast

Admin u do repair?

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I’ve changed it in the next version to drop items after completing quests.

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after lucky event npc?

Yes, event quests are quests.