Adding Cure Melody , Cure Music

@ryan can u add the 2 barde skills pls in the next release for the Bad status window its the same like
Innosent , Integrity but just for barde skill tree

What are the names of the skills exactly?

“Cure Melody” and “Cure Music” :smiley:

Are they actually party buffs? I have those populate for the “bad status” skill.

ohh yeah i see then its just the first ones in cleric and barde “Innosent” and “Cure Melody” they are no pt buffs

You mean “Innocent”? Is it the same as the bard cure ones?

Edit: That buff is already listed for the bad status option.

yes Cure Melody is basicly Innocent but from the barde skill tree

I checked and Innocent is missing but Integrity is already there. I’ll add it for the next update.

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nice i just wanted to say that its not rec thx keep the good work up :smiley:

can you add Melody to the “bad status” list

it trigger’s by selecting the target first
can select itself & trigger it