ADD phbot Change Profile in the list

@Ryan Are u able to add an function when u click with ur right mouse in the manager to add Change Profile??

this will safe me allot of time to switch in profile instead of change them 1 by 1

so when more is selected u can right mouse in the manager ( instead of switch script ) make Switch Profile wat is maked before.

maybe ur possble to add this in the manager ??

big regards. elgendy

It’s possible. You would need to type the profile name each time and they’d all have to be named the same thing in the bot.

@Ryan manager open source ?

I mean in this for the manager

To add the function change profile

Like this photo >>

If thats possible i can easy switch between profiles to select multiple chars in the manager.

Dunno if this is hard for u to create @Ryan

Thanx already :ok_hand: keep up the good work! :smiley:

@Ryan did u saw my printscreen?? With the idea for phbot manager. To add change profile what i showed??

Big thnx!! ^^

I already added that.

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Thank u so much!! Ur the best!!

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@Ryan is this for the Stable version phbot ?? v16.2.6 ?
or only for the testing phbot ? if this is only for the test phbot.??

can u add it to the Stable version of phbot for make it work ?

i try via manager to change profile. for the Stable version phbot V16.2.6

but it not auto change my profile in the phbot.

it keep stay on the profile name for the other pt.

big regards !

Testing only.

Are u able to make it on the stable version? ^^


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