Accounts HWID

Dear ryan,

Kindly note that after last bot update, 20% percent of my clients are facing sudden HWID limit message in various bot accounts, yesterday i spent a lot of time resetting accounts for them to be able to open, to find after 2 hours of resetting, the problem .

Accompanied with multiple other accounts.

Im sure you will fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Any news ?
I have been having terrible calls till today.

This needs urgent action.

I just charged phbot account, i opened one ip.
When i tried to use another one, HWID message came.

Only 1 ip worked.

New complaint from one of my clients who have phbot account which he opens on 2 computers, still the HWID message popped up on one of them.

Something on their end is causing their hwid to change then

What exactly can cause this to happen in order to investigate this further?

Also keep in mind its around 30 client on different 30 phbot accounts.

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