About hwid reset

this might be very old question ^^
but im trying to use my brother pc to open some char and i keep getting hwid msg since 3 days …
if i make manual reset on his pc i ll have to reset also for my pc? and why it didnt happen auto? its been 3 days waiting auto reset :thinking:
any one can help in this?


you didnt read my full words right??? @jaya now thx to u my main pc getting RESET HWID msg :smiley:
be4 u advice any one else at least read WELL their goddamn question???

It’s reset every day at 00:00 UTC.

well some ppl have other things to do in life insted waiting 12 or 24 hr to re open their full chars all over again …
my question was very clear!!! now i ll w8 another full day for this??? and tmww insp all my event gone lol

well then buy 1x extra bot if u need more hwid’s

thats irrelevant to the question
insted of being sarcastic learn smthn from others mistakes lol

u dont make any sence what the h*ll u want

if u want to reset hwid then go to phBot | Silkroad Online Bot

and btw 1bot = 3x hwids

i just answer about your hwid msg …

sorry if that not help but that the only way we know about hwid reset