A question about conditions

is there a way that i can make the bot check a party members buff, and if the buff is not active then to cast that buff.
context: I want my bard to use swing march if my lure doesn’t catch it because of them being out of range, i have tried things like “cast buff on player” but that only shows the option of mana replenishing and not movement speed, is there a work around for this or do i just need to set my bard to keep casting it every 15 seconds or so? thanks for any help you can provide :smiley:

well thanks works perfectly lmao i have been using conditions and phbot for 4-5 years doing all sorts and I couldn’t work that out; feel dumb asf now <3 oops

Edit: feel even dumber now, that seemed to just spam the buff repeatably, I am now trying out the actual “players nearby” in the buff list

You can add an additional condition, time elapsed 60s for example

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