1st Time I Encouter This Please Help

Why Does My Manager or Bot Doing this… I have to chars already LOG IN/BOTTING but the next 2 accounts has having Log in issues. it closes it says Connecting to Server…i cannot open the rest of my accounts bcuz of this… only 2 acc are only open and botting… but the rest cant log in… this is my 1st time ecountering this issue … Please help @Ryan

Your IP is probably temp banned from logging in too many accounts at once. Set the Manager to only login 1 account at a time.

1 at a time? :frowning: gzz bro its not like this before…

It’s been like that since Joymax implemented that system a few years ago.

I mean @Ryan my 1st two chara doesnt have a problem loggin in. But the next 3rd and 4th account it cant log in … even i open 1 acc at time after i log in the two without having a problem still says connecting to server. Ip code blah2…

The server has a login limit of 2.