15th degree Alchemic stones?

Hello everyone, My question is are there 15th degree Magic stones the green type? Such as INT, STR and master stones? This is for iSRO game. I cannot find them anywhere.

No you have to buy silk items to add blues to d15. Search the store for wheels, there are two different kinds. Wheel of fortune and wheel of fate.

Pay Day Money GIF

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Thank you

That GIF seems to be accurate. I am disappointed that I cannot seem to get 8 STR and 8 INT nothing seemed to get to 100% so very random :frowning:

Its entirely random thats the point. Dont try to get anything 100% just look at the overall blues. Use wheel of fate first, it changes the number of “lines” of blues on the item. Wheel of fortune will only change the blues not the amount of “lines”.

Max is 11 lines which is quite hard, 8-9 is considered “normal”

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Sadly I am only getting 4 lines. I have tired a few times with fate. I guess I will try a few more and see if that changes. Thank you for your help.

it could take 10-20 to get 8-9 lines.

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Yeah I have tried like 10 or so times. Went from 4 lines to 5 to 3 then to 6. I will try some more. I am now understanding it.

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