You are already in the standby list

[17:07:28] Login: Sending login credentials
[17:07:28] You are already in the standby list…

Somethimes it occur, what i need do to fix?

Use the other gateway IP.

I don‘t change the Gateway and just restart the bot. That‘s my workaround

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That didn’t work for me before, so i want like the hard way where i deleted it and ran the installer and it was fine :man_shrugging:

Game or bot?

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Feel free to try. :slight_smile:

iSRO Login Error Fix

Bot. though i am sure there is another more convenient way to go around it.

I am a beginner and for now that is what i did.

Make a new version, when appear that msg, close and try again…

Choose the other gateway.

Dont work…

Wait for Joymax to fix it.

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For chose directory, what i need do?

Choose your Silkroad folder.

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