Yeni bir eklenti isteği

merhaba pazarda aradığım itemi stallara tek tek bakmadan ve istediğim fiyat aralığında olunca bir bildiri eklentisi yapabilir misiniz
hello in the market I’m looking for a single stallara looking at the price I want and you can make a declaration plug-in

Translation is pretty bad on this one. Maybe @NsyL can translate it.

search for a gun in the market with phbot Can you make notification plugin

A plugin for “let me know if item’s price lower than x” in stalls.

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See all products on the market An add-on for “Notify me if the item price is lower than x”.

Waiting for an answer to the plug-in request

It’s a request? I didn’t know because I can’t read the title… :joy:

Your plugin needs to sound useful, not one sided. That way will gain some interest by the community.

Your request it’s also complicated, require to work like an scanner searching all consignment pages, I can remember iBot has something like this… :thinking:

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very handy, only one very person does not know . please do such a plugin

You would have to go through every single page of consignment and return a list. It can only be done while you are at the NPC so a script command would be needed along with a way to set the item + price you want.

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can you explain a little more. Can you show the example

No, because to do it I would have to write a plugin for it or implement it directly into the bot. I’d have to add an entire new search window (like the pick filter) so you can choose the prices to alert at.

do you have an article or window to redirect

already want a new plugin from you

you don’t help at all. if i can do it myself.I wouldn’t ask you to help me.Waiting for a clear answer

its not an easy thing to do @yakupmx , be patient

Piyasadaki tüm ürünleri görün “Öğe fiyatı x’ten düşükse bana bildir” için bir eklenti. Xpackettools veya conditions ile yapabilir miyiz.

can you help me ?

If you want it why you don´t try it yourself.
Learn Python and Read the Introduction for Plugins:

Thats why Ryan implemented Plugins. He can´t write all