xKervanKey Not Working ! Help


I take the key from the site myself and enter it with my hand
but still not working
Please Help !

My kervankey Code :

from phBot import *
import phBotChat
import QtBind
import os
from time import sleep
import urllib.request

SET YOUR CUSTOM “xkervankey.txt” PATH HERE.

#xkervankey_path = r"C:\Users\Furkan\AppData\Local\Programs\phBot Testing\Plugins\xkervankey.txt"
xkervankey_path = “”

Initializing GUI

gui = QtBind.init(name,‘xKervanKey’)
lblKey = QtBind.createLabel(gui,“KervanKey:”,21,11)
tbxKey = QtBind.createLineEdit(gui,"",130,12,150,18)
btnKey = QtBind.createButton(gui, “btnKey_clicked”,“Save”,300,11)

Return kervankey file path

def getKervanKeyPath():
if xkervankey_path:
return xkervankey_path;
return os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(file))+"\xkervankey.txt"

Save the kervankey from phBot GUI to update all bots

def btnKey_clicked():
key = QtBind.text(gui,tbxKey)
if key:
with open(getKervanKeyPath(), “w”) as f:

Load kervankey from file if exists, return result

def loadKervanKey():
# Reading key from file
key = “”
if os.path.exists(getKervanKeyPath()):
with open(getKervanKeyPath(),“r”) as f:
key = f.read()
# Update if file is not empty
if key:
QtBind.setText(gui, tbxKey,key)
# Load from GUI
key = QtBind.text(gui,tbxKey)
return key

Return string containing the kervankey

def getKervanKey():
# Getting KervanKey from GUI
key = loadKervanKey()
# Try to get KervanKey from url
if not key:
key = loadKervanKeyFromSite()
# Checking success through phBot
if key:
log(“Plugin: KervanKey has been extracted [”+key+"]")
log(“Plugin: KervanKey not found”)
return key

Load website to extract the key

def loadKervanKeyFromSite():
# Emulating a quick browser to open google docs
req = urllib.request.Request(“https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xhbP2qcBLscZ7j8D14QqkS44MU1kEkOQZqh24kwdfXQ/export?format=csv”, headers={‘User-Agent’ : “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64; rv:22.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/22.0”})
# Getting stream
resp = urllib.request.urlopen(req)
# Getting data
html = str(resp.read().decode(“utf-8”))
# Extracting data from excel (CSV format)
index = html.find(’,RSilkroad - KervanKey :,’)
if index != -1:
return html[index+28:].split(",")[0]
return “”

All chat messages received are sent to this function

def handle_chat(t, player, msg):
if player:
if player == “BotCheck” and “BotCheck” in msg:

Success at loading

log(“Plugin: xKervanKey v0.0.10 successfully loaded.”)
getKervanKey() # Just for testing purpose

Why did you decide to make a new thread instead of posting in the original?

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thought it was more visible
Sorry :frowning:

Do you help me ?

No, I didn’t write the plugin.

who can help?

I think no one write this plugin
This question comes every day…

Too many people experiencing this problem.
Why not write a new plugin?

Feel free to write One

I agree you

A whole thread explaining this plugin that I’m not even using … Why you guys are so lazy? omg :unamused:

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