TrSro has just updated the game and integrated Xigncode3.
Now our PhBot gets stuck at the login screen of the game.
The bot doesn’t enter the user name and password for the game.

Any idea about how to get over this issue?


May be waiting for an update

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Place this DLL in your bot folder and the TRSRO client should connect to the bot.

phBot.dll (22.2 KB)


I can login at first with the dll you provided. But then Xincode3 gets involved and gives an error. And chars get disconnected.
I know you will find a solution for this but just wanted to let you know what is going on.


Ok, if you login chars one by one it works. But they go clientless after the Xincode3 alert.
You can only have one char on client. The others go clientless no matter what.

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hi Ryan not work
not work - YouTube this talkabut the problim

hide client save settings after start for now work like that till new page cames

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u need to skip phbot update

ryan not work. i download dll but not work

me to i download dll but not work

@Ryan i want to update. pls sir

You can try this. Remember to skip the update.

phBot.dll (22.2 KB)

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not working to :frowning:

this is working. u r perfect.

@Ryan when this error comes the client goes

If you restart the bot and get the update it will disable xigncode.


Many Thanks woked

hi. Are you thinging about phbot update? more people can not use phbot even copy dll file in phbot file. Everyone waiting update phbot version for login game.

It is already updated.