Xcontrol teleport command

sorry but after alot of trying , i cant make TELEPORT command in the xcontrol works or maybe i dont know how to make it the right way
would be appreciated if i get help ,ty

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if u are at the last version of xControl

Use TP TownYouIn TownYouWantToGo

TP Hotan Samarkand

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so what you mean that i type in all chat " TELEPORT HOTAN SAMARKAND " like this and it will work ?

didnt work after i tryed " TELEPORT Donwhang Hotan " i wrote it like this , said wrong teleport

@Ryan help pls

You didn’t type anything like the example he gave. The command is TP not TELEPORT. All the commands are listed on the plugin.

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both of them do it tp or teleport but when im close to the ferry , it says wrong teleport even im writing the ticket seller name correctly

For teleporters with multiple words in their name you need to seperate them by a comma.

TP Ticket Seller Dude, Ferry Boat Guy