xControl Plugin |Party Job mode issues

1-I have a problem with that plugin when I use it and write command in game chat (All) type it doesn’t affect or do anything, and I 'm the leader of the party.
2- I saw a party leader writes command in game chat, and they’re ( Q1 , T, N, ) what these commands refers to and which plugin belong to?
3-I can’t make a party in job mode I mean when I send invite to my 2nd char and accepting the invitation but he goes out , and I have added the original name of leader char and job name and he is left too.

  1. You have to set the leader in the plugin you cant just be leader of the party
  2. custom commands, you can edit or add anything you want
  3. double check your setting you have to have something that making them leave

How can I set the leader of the party in the plugin .
And I have already checked in party issues and I didn’t got anything