xControl Error TRSRO

There could be several reasons why the plugin is not being displayed in the program interface:

  • The required files for the plugin to work (such as the QtBind module) may be missing or incorrectly located.
  • The plugin’s name or version number may be conflicting with another plugin, causing it to be mixed up.
  • The plugin may be missing the necessary commands to be displayed in the plugins menu.
  • The plugin may have been written incorrectly.

To fix these issues, make sure that the plugin files are in the correct location and that the required modules are installed. Also, you can prevent the plugin from being mixed up with another by changing its name or version number. Additionally, ensure that you have correctly written the commands and functions required for the plugin to be displayed in the plugins menu.

If the problem persists even after following these steps, you may need to log the errors to identify and resolve them.

Did you ask ChatGPT why the plugin isn’t loading in phBot then paste the answer it gave here? It’s not loading because xControl is disabled on TRSRO.

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Yes, I did that, but why isn’t it working? Isn’t there a solution for this? We think it’s being used in the game.

No, it’s not allowed.

Well, can’t we write a new plugin that only changes the coordinates and then allows us to attack?