Xbows Stop attacking

My xbows stops attacking everytime they knock a monster down, is there anyway to fix this issue ?

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Seems fine to me. Which version are you using and which skills?

im using distance shot, hurricane shot, blast shot, and rapid shot. each time a monster gets knocked down all xbows stops for few seconds and when monster gets up they start attacking again

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OK now I see the problem. It could be because one of those skills has two hits and the knock down isn’t being registered. I’m looking into it.

Nope, nevermind. It’s because you do not have any skills that can attack a monster while knocked down. Technically it could attack a different monster during that time and use Rapid Shot but that’s not supported.

My settings working fine

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Cast skills in oder should be unticked i think

i mean manually you can do it while they are knocked down but not thru the bot

With the skills you listed none of them are capable of attacking a downed monster directly. You can just add some ones that are capable.