X-trap BSOD

hi Ryan,

I share this bot to my server, many ppl use this bot. Our community is increasing.

So pls take a look with x-trap BSOD please. We have 20 people currently and most of us get xtrap BSOD everyday

Thanks in advance.


You will need to run X-Trap inside a VM. This is not really fixable any other way because it is a kernel driver that is crashing.

It’s not a solution for many people :frowning:
Other bot working on my server dont have this problem. They run game by standard user (though a manager)
then no any xtrap issue.

These will not run as Administrator.

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I’ll try
thanks for your working!

failed, sorry

Give this a try. Use the latest version of phBot that is on the forum instead of that one I posted earlier.


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thank you alot Ryan but it still didnt work out

the same error code as before

This is not DIGEAM, right? It being detected is not what I “fixed”.

it is vSro 2job. :frowning:

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This also occurred when running as Administrator?

yes, I just dont know why
other bots work fine no xtrap issue
that error code led to BSOD. Seems like xtrap consider phbot as abnormal then dont run