WTS char’s in ISro in Server Minerva,Demeter,Kali,Celeus

WTS char’s in Minerva
spear 119 nuker
Wizz/clirc 121
warrior/bard 116
wizz/bard 116
bow 118
xbow 118

Nuker 108
wizz/clirc 105
wizz/bard 105
warrior/clirc 103 (Sold)
bow 105

Bow 93

Celeus (New Server)
Wizz/bard 86
Nuker 87

pm me here for more Info
only here and we can make Ryan MM :smiley:

how much for the 93 bower in kali and 108 nuker in demeter?

just give an offer nuker is D11 legend and FF and have 400k+ sp
and bow not FF normal set D9 & D10 weapon D9 sun

I haven’t been playing I don’t know the prices just tell me how much you want for demter char gold or paypal

30 $ for it not more

still have accounts?