Withdraw From Guild Storage

Is it possible to make a char only withdrawing an item from the guild storage if the quantity of the item is “x”

example: Magic stone of str (Quantity 20)= withdraw
Magic stone of str (Quantity 19)= do not withdraw

There’s an option on the pick filter to take a specific amount from storage/guild storage.

but lets say i have 8 full stacks of magic stone of str and 1 stack with only 16 in it will it be left in guild storage then ?

It may combine items in storage but not sure if that is possible. You’d have to try it and find out.

u mean Quantity?

i have a staller that goes to storage to collect items to sell but he only stall when 20 in quantity, so after couple of runs to the guild storage the inv is full of stacks with 1-19 in quantity