Why my character move like this, while i'm training?

İ have 2 character the other one is just walking fine :S
help me please thank you :slight_smile:

It’s selecting something above you. Show me your location on the map.

yup it happens to me too on going spot character stuck like this. server assos trsro

If you don’t tell me your location I cannot do anything.

Looks like somewhere outer karakoram, spiders or ishades.
Could also be you added an attack skill to buff area, something similiar happens, it spams invalid target.

I need exact coordinates.

i know it also looks like this when you have a conflickting buff pls dobblecheck your attack/buff settings
example you use 20%atk scroll but the bot trys to cast devil or flame body

someone’s pulling ur leg…

& ya like @Chefkoch said
like me … forgotten to set my weapon as Prime…

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