Why doesn't work fortress war trace?

İ was trying the bot. But trace it doesnt work. can we fix it up to war. Thanks…

Not allowed.


@Ryan thanks for doing this for all the abusers with full pt on trace :slight_smile:


Ok then i will use the free bot. Thanks for everything

@Chr This will be for iSRO/SilkroadR only.

@Ryan but it didnt work, i tried for private server. (Version 23.2.8)

I haven’t made changes for it yet.


why was the fortress war trace mode canceled?

We are still waiting for force update. Ppl still using old versions on fw

@Ryan why trace mode not working inside mirror area?? and does that also include inside jupiter??? -_-

You can trace in mirror just not the spawn.

fortress war trace mod haa?
good it doesn’t work
it even makes the abuser looks pity not able to make friends or something
pretty annoying some few players grinding on 1 char & having fun
& at FW time they find 1player army coming right at ya fcking everything up
keep it OFF…
they say get life … i say get friends

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