Where can i buy proxy ip

where can i buy proxy IP

i recommend proxy-seller, never had a problem.

ok, thanks

Do no forget to choose “Proxy for Silkroad”. And i bought cheapest which is Ukrain proxies.

i just bought it,
not sure how to use it XD

i select online games but silkroad wasnt there in the options

do i need 1 for each char?
or i can use it for 2 chars?

It depends to IP Limit, which server are you playing?

eron online
but i get this error " Proxy: SOCKS4 proxy denied the request"
not sure what is wrong

Choose SOCKS5

i did now i just get

[20:19:17] Connecting to the gateway server [play-erononline.com:1] through
[20:19:47] Auto Relog: Starting relog process

and it keep trying to relog

can you send screenshot of bot proxy page

The username and password is same with what proxy-seller gave you right?


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