When i try "Evasion Scroll" it uses "Movement speed scroll" (SUPER SCROLL from Winter event in TRSRO)

can you fix it? It doesn’t use evasion scrolls. It uses movement scrolls instead of it.

and also when i try to use “Speed Scroll” it doesnt use anything.
str-int scrolls also doesn’t work.

note: no problem with accuracy,hp-mp, damage increase/absorb and trigger scrolls.

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if you use grass walk skill your char doesnt use speed scroll

problem is “how to use evasion scroll”?

same as here
if you choose evasion bot keeps trying to use movement over and over again

Also this is what I tried;

  1. If you choose evasion first, it uses movement scroll and keeps trying to use it over and over again
  2. If you choose movement first, it uses evasion scroll and keeps trying to use it over and over again

Second choose not working for example;
You choose evasion first and then movement, it only uses movement(because you choose evasion first and evasion option works as movement) and wont use evasion scroll. vice-versa

Oh, I found there is a new version for this bug