@Ryan &or anyone…

whats this opcode that a whole system was removed cuz of it?

why was it removed?

does it help silkroad coding not getting hacked?

removing it does it risk the security of our accounts/items/even PC?

is it like an encryption? & now we are fucked? cuz joymax want to save some system usage on there end & not wasting money buying new drives?

& why isro “palmyra” server … is different than the other isro servers?

There is an opcode sent after teleporting telling the server that the client has finished loading the new area. They changed it to be dynamic and based on your character data in order to prevent clientless bots.

Palmyra is only different because it’s still technically SilkroadR and uses different skill data files.

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i heard that
from keeping out client.exe open
they farm bitcoins
through our GPU’s

No, that’s nonsense.


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