What is this shit

This bunch of characters have been sitting in that exact spot for a week almost now and they are doing nothing but clogging the server Minerva on iSro.

I instantly assume they are setting up a massive gold bot army but this is ridiculous.

in my opinion this is done by jcplanet and joymax to make the servers full and people have to buy vip

Theres only like 30 chars max here, If you dont like people opening a lot of chars…isro isnt for you. This is pretty normal in isro for a long time now.


this one shit academy fvk

Joymax does not dc 1 level bronze vip characters. These very annoying people login hundreds (thousands) of bronze VIP characters via Proxy and chars not disconnect for 1 week. They abused proxy. This is not normal it’s caused by proxies and i think it’s a big problem. @DeRidder14

I didn’t say it wasn’t a problem, I said it’s normal for isro :slight_smile:


is big problem because fvk traffic my bro

this is academy making, which makes most of servers full

welcume to silkroad

That’s just untrue, there’s 30 chars here max.

same name of chars with different numbers is academy plugins. they lvl it, they delete and they keep joining hem to server. Is a guy that sells academy services, it is true.