Weird condition

something weird is happening, i set a condition for wizards to use life turn over when warriors and cleric are in training area and that what really happened but the wizards keep using life turn over everytime it reloads so it keeps removing the buff and reusing it every 20 seconds even while attacking mobs and that taking much time and using lots of HP pots cause off low HP than 50%… is it a special case and cant be changed or it might be solved somehow?!

That’s what it does. It’s meant for bards so they can recast moving march constantly.

I do conditions for bards also to use moving march yes but i wanted wizards to use life turn over when warriirs are in with cleric to make sure they wony die and they working well with these conditions only this spam using the skill is bit annoying

I can add a separate one for casting the skill only if it is inactive.

Please? :heart:

It’ll be there next version.

There is a buff list that checks near players, isn’t it?

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lol true … some ppl want use condition and dont look if this option exist or not

How could that be? In buffs i should use the life or not… Not depending on any party member

Can it be working also with bards to use recovery division if the cleric is not around?

It works the same way as the current “Cast” condition except it will see if it is active first before casting it.

I removed it ftom bard because it kept spamming using it like life turn over thats why asked ya if you can to make it like the life condition to use if not active only

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this list didnt worked ?

havent tried it before… gonna try it and feed ya back, thanks =)

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Thanks @Ryan for the update and for the sweet condition… Its working all good now <3

For the ppl talking about buff if player near by function, its not working as you wish guys… If more than player you need to buf if they are in range it doesnt care and use the buff whoever is there so its useless, its the condition which works really good

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Its not working as you want dude… The char keeps doing the buff all the time if player is in range or not, conditions do what you need