Warlock skills / Warrior Lure / Script

I have a question about warlock skills if i set switch monster after two dots works well but

  1. if i do now 4 dots skills he can attack 8 mobs for example 8 pt giants and all 8 dots used same time can the bot attack with the normal skills blood tower and dead tower?
  2. if in the training area just 2 mobs the bot use then 2 dots and w8 then still mobs dead can he just atck then with dead flower and blood tower
  3. normal- and champion mobs just 1 dot then switch by pt monster pt champion etc. 2 dots that would be great to

Can you add pls if in the training area less then 5 mobs then start lure scipt 1 times then attack again if its more then 5 mobs dont do lure

i want make script in the script i want change the script what is the command for that

if the bot cant do that can you add pls

i think you can make it, it’s very easy, just make a professionail script and mark ok (stop lure if more than 5 mobs in training area.
make 2 places with 2 script
training area , conditions add a condition and choose the one do you want and make it change a train area this the new script do you want.

But i want that the warrior attack the mobs if more then 5 mobs and if less then 5 mobs then start lure

i did a script
0. start at dw town

  1. he gear the job suit
  2. walk to jangan town to take the job quest
  3. walk to hotan gives the quest
  4. he takes the job suit off
  5. walks to dw again
    what i want :
  6. then i want change the script automatilly that the char can go to the spot w/o i do that.

and ? xD

can some1 replay for the warlock problem, please? cuz i have the same problem

This post is 3 years old, so much has changed in the bot since this… how about you just say your problem