Warlock skill " phantasma "

hello @Ryan or any phbot expert

i have warlock/bard
using bard skills
set bard weapon as prime
didnt set a 2nd weapon & the warlock was “reset” in inventory

this skill “phantasma” … can be cast without switching to warlock weapon
i add the skill in buff section
but it keeps switching weapon(even though that weapon preference is reset in the inventory)

maybe that skill needs a separate option to trigger it?
it lure mobs around the one it effects when in a party … same as when hitting a mobe while in a pt … 2 more around it come backing him up xD u get fcked !..
& spawn mobs faster(idk why xD)

how can i make it cast the skill without switching weapon?

It’s switching because it’s a Warlock mastery.

the skill can be used without switching
can u add a separate option for that type of buff?
skills names at its ranks are:
Mirage & phantasma
both can be used at the same time
so each need its own option in the buff section
as “check” or “un check”
& doesn’t consume durability … very beneficial

@Ryan ?

The bot detects the warlock rod as your secondary weapon, get a low level unneeded weapon, like a cleric rod or something and set it as your secondary wep, this way warlock rod would not be taken as a 2ndary wep as the spot is already taken by the cleric rod

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The next update will fix this.

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