Walk town stuck

when switching from clientless to client
and start bot in town to … buy/sell/store stuff…
going from GuildStorage to weapon NPC
in alexNorth
gets stuck on that wall … always
img bellow
green how it should go
red where it hits the wall & get stuck
doing early turn … Only while client is ON…

During town script?

i guess …
while shopping

Alexandria Thief Area.txt (862 Bytes)

this is the script im using
the one with the extra edit i guess … to visit GStorage

Your script is probably hitting some weird coordinate that causes the game server you lag you back to a previous coordinate. Add more walk commands to your script.

can u add a bit more XY … on the green arrow showen in the img above … to make a bit of a … late turn … even if that means making it spin a bit just to make sure it reached a corner with lags

like the black arrow
and hits the black DOT
before going for the turn

Yea the game lagged you back. Have more walk commands at different coordinates in between that area so it doesn’t affect you.

yes can u add it?

Edit your script.

im lazy

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Why do you think I created a bot lol.


Alexandria Thief Area.txt (391 Bytes)

test this one its work perfect with me ^^

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Alexandria Thief Area.txt (883 Bytes) try this one i changed some cordinates for u but next time if u get any problems with the townscripts pls post it there :smiley: (where u downloaded the script) Town-scripts with Guild storage for all <3 / Faster Town-scripts <3 / walk ROC.MT via HT (ignore Samakant) <3

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