Walk till hit range limit

i & other’s bot in an area … at big spot with big range 100~200Range
bot sometimes walk around in small area … as in turning after few steps … searching for mobs … even though if i manually walk a bit straight … i’ll find mobs that cant be seen from far cuz of the view range
is there an option to make bot “walk straight” till he reach
*max range
*object’s blocking ur way

It will walk in a random direction until it hits an obstacle and it is inside the training area. Too many obstacles means it won’t walk very far.

But it walks few steps then turn to another direction
And dont even reach close enough to the range far limit to show monster
My range and pt members is 100~200
In the area there is over 30player from pt and singles
Reason cuz sro dropped good quest in a small area
The edges of that area dont have much players
Yet got some good amount of mobs that if died … they would spawn back in the middle
And with the right settings
I and pt members with phbot can do our quests repeatedly in the middle of this KS of litterly more than 30player
Just need the option to walk straight till max range or object it reached … or a type of monster(party or not) is sited … instead of Going few steps and turning … not giving the game engine change to apply view range settings…
&fyi… my settings at max

I believe it does 75% of the radius since that is enough to see new monsters at the edge.

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So for players with 150~200R … add less 25~50 … thats alot of range
Also if it walked straight with no monsters in range for few seconds… based on no speed or players at that direction are clearing the view horizon/range from mobs that are set to be targeted (like ignore pt but seek normal) … it will make a turn before it push forward behind that group & before reaching that range limit thats set …
… all that’s requested is to add option at training section to “let bot Walk straight till a target/range/obstacle is reached … this option will let those who bot alone to abuse this “feature” in this crowded area with the right settings such as big range & ignore party mobs…
FYI at 120quest … there are lvl 132 that still bot there
And pt mobs wont matter with there lame XP based on this high lvl players
Plus ur bot is special for having the ability to ignore mobs by class/type(party,unique,giant,etc…)
And little yet HIGHLY effective option will lure new players & better botting techniques for better XP crowded areas

It’s not because you can see up to 100. It’s not going to attack monsters outside that radius anyway.

I know it wont attack out the range
But it doesn’t reach the visibility of the max range
It turns early
And when checking manually that far end of the range
I find a bunch of mobs chilling there
And since im not AFK … i kill them manually or lure them back to the middle near others to killem so they respawn back in the middle

Also an important thing about mobs spawn
They by high% do not spawn near player …
Also when they spawn … by high% they usually walk the other way from players
Which why after some bot time u see some grouped far…

Also r u saying… if i made high range such as 150 200 … bot programed to max 100R?
Cuz at ress range . I realised there is a limit

It doesn’t matter because you cannot attack those monsters. If you cannot see monsters in your radius at 150 (radius 200), you will not be able to see more by going further out. It’s pointless.

Resurrect radius is max 100 because you can only see that far. It will not walk to them because it doesn’t know where they are. The location you see on the map for party members is not accurate unless they are close to you.

My argue is it does not walk even close to the max range to check/reveal mobs near/before the end of the set range based on the phbot map with its lining the set range in blue or something…

You can’t walk through trees. If it could only find a random angle that went 2 feet then that’s what it will do.

ya i know … and its tree’s … there is more than 2feet of free space to walk through xD