Walk script to Fire temple?

I am having an issue with the walk scripts I have created and they do not work. After my character returns to town for HP/MP pots. The bot does the normal going to the NPC while in town. After that my character uses a return scroll while in town. Returning to the in town spawn area. Also keeps repeating this over and over.

If u have created the town script by yourself check if the last line is DoScript

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It does not display that. Is that all I am missing?


Could someone post an example of a script that is done the correct way? I am slowly learning about the bot.

I did make a script to walk to the fire temple but before leaving town my character walks into a wall. So just right before the west gate. I am not sure why. I made sure to click the ground while recording path.

add script walk delay. the bot might be trying to move to the next coordinate too fast so just use the wait command for a few seconds or add delay to the whole script. and yes, if you have a custom town script always add “DoScript” at the end of it.

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Idk if it maybe helps you, I have this script from dw teleport. I started recording from dw teleport until fire templeFire temple 139 spot - Brunelda.txt (3.0 KB)

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What is a good amount of time for the script walk delay? Like 1000 ms?

I am testing out the walk script now at 500 ms delay. Seems to be working currently. Kind of slow moving with the delay. Thank you

it will be slower but it’s either that or change your script to add extra steps when doing sharp turns or moving close to obstacles


Delay makes u walk slower, its really better add some extra steps if u walk close to corners or objects

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