vSro [Testing (v21.7.3)] Warrior shouldn't cast party buffs when luring

Warrior character making lure with my lure script.
Also, it has been set buffs to party members
It missing lure and casting buffs to members
so it’s buffs to members while without finishing to lure
its turning back without complete to lure 1 time
I wish it was,
Complete lure 1 time, than buffs to party members (if necessary)
and it can do it again as this
—Şimdi phbotta lurescripti çiziyorum ve ardından warriora ekliyorum…
—Warrior lure’ye başladıktan sonra lurenin ortasında party arkadaşına buff atmaya gidiyor, buffu atıyor ve ardından birsüre olduğu yerde bekleyip tekrar kaldığı noktaya gidiyor.
—Benim istediğim şudur ki; Buffları lure scriptini tamamladıktan sonra atması… örnek vereyim: Lure esnasında party buffunu atmaya gitme lurene devam et…
—Bu olayın şöyle çözümü de olabilir. Party arkadaşına buff attıktan sonra bir süre bekliyor demiştim, bu beklemeyi engellemenin bir yolunu bulurlarsa güncellemeyle eklenilebilir…

@Ryan Help me pls

@Ryan u there ?

@Ryan Are you going to help me ?

I do not have plans to add this at the moment.

You should do that :slight_smile: That’s a huge problem in slot

yes i agree to @LeqendisBacK

You should think something about this problem pls

I can make it buff after each time it lures instead. Right now it does it first then lure.

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actually we are talking about buffs during the lure script.

i dont understand you want warior mak lure it mean go out the training area from ataker and mak buff in same time ?
sorry if im wrong but this is not useless ?
at now warior running perfect he cast buff pt and go to the lure script or auto lure and when he back he cast again buff pt if one is ended

warior starts lure, while continue to lure, one of chars’ buff ends. warior pauses lure, goes slot, casts buff, returns the paused location of lure script, continues the lure script. we simply dont want this.

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oh ok
good luck with that =)
if warior mak pause on he’s way for back making buff and restart where he mak pause all mob will runing after him without pause =)
it’s simply useles

  • buf pt
    -lure starting
    -if buf end when he back to center he recast buff
  • and restart lure
    wy specialy you want back on the specifik point ? if your use lure script he mak constantly the same coordinate
    -buff pt
    -lure starting go to xy xxx
    -stop lure with pause at xy xxx if buff end
    -back to the center
    -buf pt
    -back to xy xxx when he mak pause restart lure script
    -and back center with mob …
    so ur warior will runing and runing and runing for nothing for casting buff every xx time to depend of buff pt like moral screen
    that what i understand and stil dont understand :smiley:
    but good luck with that ^^

Dont make things complicated man :slight_smile: i beleive ryan understood the point.

problem is : make buff to pt players and waiting (like 10 sec).
I dont want to warrior’s make pt buff in lurescript…

@Ryan Maybe you can add like in photo https://i.hizliresim.com/pbAl3q.png

Use imgur or paste it into the forum.

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Can u give me something usefull about this situation?

I’ll let you know after I determine how difficult it will be to add.

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